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  Hydraulic Breaker
  Crawler Crane Underarriage
track roller
top roller
track shoes
  excavator undercarriage
track roller
top roller
track links
track shoes
  bulldozer undercarriage
track roller
top roller
track links
track shoes
cutting edge
  excavator attachment
bucket and tooth
hydraulic thumb
quick hitch
auger drive
hydraulic quick hitch
track roller

We are Yantai Huhui Machinery Co.,Ltd from China, supply sprar parts for excavator,bulldozer, and cranes. It contains undercarriage parts (track roller, top roller, sprocket, idler, track shoes), groud engaging tools (bucket teeth, cutting edge, end bit, overlays, side cutters), bucket, cylinder, bolts and nuts and so on, which applied for CAT, KOMATSU, HITACHI, DAEWOO, VOLVO, XCMG, SHANTUI, etc.

Sorts of products:

  1. undercarriage parts for excavator and bulldozer,such as:sprocket,track shoe,top and bottom roller,bolt and nut,tension device,idler,track link assy,etc.
  2. bucket: pin,bucket,teeth,adaper
  3. other parts:crawler crane,hydraulic breaker seal kit,OTR tyre etc

Huhui advantage:

  1. experienced in exporting undercarriage parts and other construction machinery parts.
  2. excellent reputation in this line business
  3. delivery time

Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(D) 9S9404/6Y2903/9G8098/1V8051 CR1792 10T0298AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(S) (Without  Key) 118-1614 CR1793 10T0299AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(D) (Without  Key) 118-1615 CR1792 10T0300AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(S) 7G0421/9G8029 CR3634 10T0301AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(D) 7G0423/9G8034 CR3635 10T0302AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(S) (Without  Key) 118-1617 CR3634 10T0303AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(D) (Without  Key) 118-1618 CR3635 10T0304AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6R(S) 120-5746 CR6088 10T0313AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6R(D) 120-5766 CR6089 10T0314AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6M(S) 121-0824 CR6152 10T0325AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6M(D) 121-0827 CR6153 10T0326AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6H(S) 7T4102 CR4297 10T0124AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6H(D) 7T4107 CR4298 10T0125AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(S) 9S0316/6T9871/3P1520/3P6062/4S9050/4S9051 CR2617 10T0319AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7G(D) 9S0317/6T9867/3P1521/3P6063/6P9885/8S2932/8S2933 CR2615 10T0320AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(S) (Without  Key) 118-1623   CR2617 10T0321AY2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(D) (Without  Key) 118-1625   CR2615 10T0322AY2


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