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  Hydraulic Breaker
  Crawler Crane Underarriage
track roller
top roller
track shoes
  excavator undercarriage
track roller
top roller
track links
track shoes
  bulldozer undercarriage
track roller
top roller
track links
track shoes
cutting edge
  excavator attachment
bucket and tooth
hydraulic thumb
quick hitch
auger drive
hydraulic quick hitch
Top Roller
Machine Type Applied For Top Roller
No. Item Model Machine Type Applied
1 Top Roller CE650 CE650
2 Top Roller CE400 CE400
3 Top Roller D155 D135A、D150A、D155A、D155C、D155S、TY320
4 Top Roller D7G 973、977L、D7G
5 Top Roller D6D D6D、963、D6G、D6E、D6C
6 Top Roller D50 D40A、D40F、D40P、D40PL、D40PLL、D41A、D41P、D41E、D41Q、D41S、D45E、D45P、D45S、D50A、D50F、D50P、D50PL、D50S、D53A、D53P、D53S、D58E、D58P、D58E
7 Top Roller D65E D65E-8/12、D60A-8、D65P-8/12、D65A-8
8 Top Roller D8H D8H、583K、583H、D8K
9 Top Roller EX300-1 EX270、EX270LC、EX300-1/2/3、EX300LC-1/2/3、UH10LC-S
10 Top Roller EX200A EX200-2/3/5、EX200LC-S、EX210H、EX220-2/3/7、EX220-1、EX220LC-1
11 Top Roller FT306 FT306
12 Top Roller LG120 LG120、PC100-1/2/3、PC100U-2、PC120-1/2/3、PC60-6、PC60L-6、PC75UU-1、PC80-1/3、PC80LC-3、PC100-5/6、PC120-5/6、PC130-6、PC90-1
13 Top Roller MS180 MS180
14 Top Roller PC200-5 PC180-3、PC180LC-3、PC200-1/2/3/5/6、PC200LC-2/3/5/6、PC210-3/5/6、PC210LC-3/5/6、PC220-1/2/3/5/6、PC220LC-2/3/5/6、PC230-6、PC230LC-6、PC240-3/5、PC240LC-3/5
15 Top Roller R210 R210
16 Top Roller SWE85 SWE85
17 Top Roller SWE55 SWE55
18 Top Roller T120A T120A
19 Top Roller T203B T140、T140B、TS140、PD120、PD140
20 Top Roller T216 D80A-12/18、D80F-18、D80E-18、D85A-12/18、D80E-18/21、D85P-18/21、D85E-1、TY220、TYS220、TY230、T220、TGY230
21 Top Roller T216A PD220
22 Top Roller T160 D60A-6/7/8、D60E-7/8、D60F-7/7A/8/8A、D60P-7/8、D60PL-7/8、D60S-7/8、D65A-6/7/8、D65E-7/8、D65S-7/8、D66S-1、D68E-1、D68P-1、D75A-1、TY160、T160、T165、TY165、TYS165、TYS160L、TYS160
23 Top Roller T140with bracket PD140、T140B、TS140
24 Top Roller T120Awith bracket PD120
25 Top Roller T90 T90、TS90、T100、TS100、LT100、PD110
26 Top Roller W203.2 DH280、DH280LC-3、DH320
27 Top Roller W190 DH220、DH220LC-2/3、S322C、220LC、SW200-3、TK1023LC
28 Top Roller W171.45 RH6

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